Hello again


So I might be going through an identity crisis and decided to start a fresh with my blog, channel and social media. I’ve been on youtube for fives years and looking back at old content is like looking at a completely different person, i just want my content to reflect me now. So i wiped the slate clean and honestly for the first time this year i feel inspired to create.

For those of you who don’t know me i will re introduce myself. My names Erin, Im a 20 year old falmouth fashion student, born in London and raised in Oxford.

I’m a massive street style enthusiast and appreciate and incorporate a mix of styles into my wardrobe from streetwear to “hippy shit”.

Music keeps me sane, I’ve been listening to a lot of female artists recently like ABRA, Nao, Eryka badu and Lauryn hill.

If you want to buy me a drink i’m all about the wine.

I collect magazines and vinyl.

I try to practice yoga everyday ( not going so well atm)

I’ve been veggie for nearly 2 years.

I do have bipolar disorder but i’m determined to not let it get in the way.

I have Jamaican roots.

I plan on writing a book one day.

Chris Ofilii is one of my favourite artists.

I have a goldendoodle called luna

I own three pairs of nike air force 1s and need more.





























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