21 things I’ve learned

Since I last posted a lot of things have happened in my life. The battle with my mental health has continued and I had a VERY stressful time trying to finish off my uni work but its not been all doom and gloom. I’ve moved out of halls and into a house in falmouth with friends, i’ve spent days chilling at the beach and walking along the cornish coast chatting shit. I’ve spent nights intoxicated laughing my head off because my company is that funny, Oh and I turned 21!

I’m not a massive fan of birthdays for several reasons, there’s the pressure to have a good day, the reminder that time is passing at a extremely rapid rate and then all the reflection.

But this year is different (maybe i say that every year) I’m reflecting on all the good things that have happened and more importantly the things that have helped me grow as a person. This year I can actually say I enjoyed my birthday. I got to spend it with people I give a shit about and little things made it special including tyler the creators new album dropping on the day and a bunch of sunflowers from my family turning up on my doorstep.

So i thought i would share 21 things I have learned over the past 21 years on this planet.

1. Music makes everything better

2. Honesty is not an excuse for rudeness.

3. Everything Changes, bad times always come to an end.

4. saving your lunch money for a bright pink Nicki Minaj lipstick that doesn’t suit you is a stupid idea.

5. Not everyone is going to like you.

6. It’s okay to be different.

7. Alcohol doesn’t solve your problems.

8. You can never know what its like to live in someone else’s shoes but you should try to. Empathy is key.

9. Do something before something does you.

10. It’s possible to live of cheese toasties and echo falls but its not in any way healthy.

11. Don’t believe everything you see, always ask questions.

12. bad things happen to good people.

13. You can wear what you want.

14. Creating something is one of the best feelings.

15. Try not to over share on the internet no one cares.

16. sometimes you have to put yourself first.

17. Friends and family are so important you need to show them your love.

18. Life isn’t a race.

19. Just because i’m a girl doesn’t mean i have to act a certain way.

20. Never take anything for granted.

21. Never give up.



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