Fresh starts and dealing with change

When I think of fresh starts I think of the first day of a new school year. Walking through the gates with your bag full of fresh stationary and your hair and outfit on point (don’t worry by the end of term its hoodies and leggings). I try to enjoy this day where i actual feel a buzz of hope and motivation for the year to be different. For me this is my new year where i try to set goals for myself. I’ve finally become one of those people who writes goals and tasks for the day and ticks them off in different coloured gel pens, sad i know.

The problem i’ve faced the past few weeks as i start to get into the 2nd year of my degree, is having to o high expectations for myself. Last year was a bumpy ride I was struggling with my bipolar disorder, So getting to lectures and finishing work for deadlines was not the easiest task. knowing this i should of considered the possibility of the year not starting the way i wanted it to.

I told myself i’d go to everything everyday at uni, get ahead and go the extra mile when it came to group work, post a video every week, write, paint, get a job, join a gym, learn to like avocado and many other things.

I had an amazing first day where i was on the bus by 8am, drinking a Starbucks before lectures, making notes in the library, going to therapy appointments and even the gym all in one day! But then my mood decided to become unstable. I cant quite explain but I think I pushed myself so hard that I crashed. I was going from 0 to 90 real quick. mixed episode is what there calling it but i don’t even know what i’m feeling anymore. As I type this I’ve decided its time for a fresh start. Tomorrow is a new week and this time i’m going to set reasonable goals that i can achieve. I think what i’m trying to say is its never to late to give yourself a fresh start. So for example if your trying to give up smoking but slip up and have a cheeky one on a night out don’t get angry and give up on quitting just try again tomorrow its never to late to change things and were lucky change is inevitable.

If your an old blog reader before i lost it and deleted my old content, you will remember my post about dealing with change. Not going to lie i quite like that post so heres the main 5 tips i had for dealing with change.

1. Change is inevitable Don’t fight it. You need to move forward with an open mind and accept what comes your way. You need to learn what you can control and what you can’t. You can’t control the weather but you can choose whether you dance in the rain or hide away.


2. You are not alone. Especially if you are starting at university everyone else is in the exact same boat. They are just as scared as you even if they put on this confident front. Make sure to consciously reach out and support others and hopefully you will receive the same treatment.


3. Its okay to need help. Wether thats contacting friends and family for some support,searching online for a bit of self help or even talking to helplines or using help services.

4. Don’t beat yourself up for not coping with change. there is no wrong or right way.  Its okay to feel emotional. Don’t compare yourself to how others have dealt with it, we are all individuals. Remember these feelings wont last forever.


5. Remember how you survived change in the past. Whether it was moving house, starting a new school or job, you got through it. Looking back can be helpful and you may pick up on some tips from your own past experiences.


I hope this was helpful and i wish you all good luck with whatever you are going through.



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