My PS4 Game Collection and the Girl Gamer label

It was back in the early 00’s as a young tomboy when I  first discovered gaming. I was at my friends house after school and she was one of those friends you where jealous of because they always had the latest toys there bedrooms where practically toys r us.  That day instead of showing me the gooey aliens which everyone was into last week, she pulled out the new “thing” her brothers gameboy advance SP.

As soon as i got my hands on it that was it i was hooked. Sadly my friend felt differently and simply told me “its for boys anyway”. looking back this makes me angry that my friend had been told by everything she had consumed in her 7 years of age what was acceptable for her to play with! Surely children should be allowed to think for themselves when it comes to choosing toys and games without societies views getting in the way. Despite her comment I went on to play a lot more games on several consoles.  I would play super smash bros with my friend’s brothers on the game cube and watch my friend play animal crossing for hours. I’d play sonic at after school club and hide my tamagotchi under the table in class. That christmas i got my first nintendo DS from santa and I remember playing nintendogs the whole day. At first i didn’t care much about the games i chose to play my favourites which where mario kart, Pokemon and zelda but more and more i was starting to realise girls didn’t play the same games as boys so if i didn’t play games like cooking mama did that make me weird? Me being me I didn’t care and carried on playing whatever i could get my hands on. Next came the wii which for a bit made me part of the norm. Everyone was playing the same games like wii sports and party etc. People young and old where getting of the sofa wacking a remote around to make a mii play tennis, it was all a lot of fun.

Then came the ps2 and ps3. I’d watch my dad play call of duty and i was desperate to play. It was considered violent for me and the boys would never let me have a turn because girls suck and all that bullshit. At this stage it was rare for girls to play silly games anymore and if you did you where different. “hmm different i like the sound of that” said the voice in my young head. Thats why i think most girls who play games like to shout about it.

Nowadays you can find the girls who game hashtag on Instagram, thousands of girls shouting about being a girl and playing games. But why do girls have to be label themselves girl gamers instead of just well, gamers?

Does it make you extra edgy and cool. Is it  just a bunch of attention seeking girls trying to impress people. or is it even for male affection. I definitely think this hashtag is being used for different reasons by everyone. The proud feminist is using the hashtag because she’s proud of being a girl and feels the need to stop the oppression in the gaming industry. Some might say its just a bunch of attention seeking girls who are almost stepping on top of other girls almost. Let me know what you think.

Personally I consider myself just a gamer because I don’t really see myself as anything special or different to a guy. I’m simply a person who enjoys them and i wish all children should be able to discover and play the games they want to without worrying what people will think of them. I think games should be marketed towards everyone and stores shouldn’t have separate section of games for boys and girls.

 My current PS4 game collection



Assassins creed origins

You are an assassin in ancient Egypt and its all about the origin of the order. You climb, stab, steal and sneak about the ancient landscape. You get to ride your camel across the massive desert map and discover a shit tone from tombs to enemies. Only played 6 hours of it so far so will report back soon with my full opinion.

Horizon zero dawn

picture this its a thousand years in the future and a cavewomen is killing robot animals. Thats Aloy you are a exhale of a tribe trying to find out why your an exile hunting the machines and some people too. Great story and open world. beautiful soundtrack and dem graphics be fine.


You kill demons from hell with big beefy weapons, its violent, your in mars and i will stress again its bloody violent.

The Last of Us

Okay i’m a huge fan of this dystopian story based game its like a playable movie with a good mix of action and cut scenes. You play as Joel who lives in a world where people have become infected and become zombie like creatures trying to infect everyone. Your taking a young girl Ellie to the resistance group known as the fireflies and along the way you fight the infected as well as humans known as hunters. I wont spoil it to much but its incredibly emotional and an amazing game.


Tomb Raider


You are Lara croft and you go about raiding tombs solving puzzles and getting into trouble. thats all you need to know.


Uncharted 4: A Thiefs end

Another adventure story game where you play Nathan drake a thief exploring the world for treasures.

Fallout 4

a retro feeling 50s post apocalyptic game. classic roleplay/first person shooter. very stylised.

Until Dawn

story based/quicktime event horror game. You play as a group of teenagers and how you play decides the fate of the group. The aim is keep them alive.



You play as Aidan a hacker in Chicago, you drive about you hack security cameras, phones and pretty much everything that gets in your way.

So thats my collection Let me know if you think of any games i might enjoy.



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