Goals for the new year 2018

With the new year comes a return to blogging. Every year i say this will be the year i stick to my passions and achieve my goals but sadly every year my mental illness pulls me back into the sea of madness. Much like the sea my state of mind is temperamental and this can make blogging difficult when my mind isn’t at peace.  Instead my thoughts are swirling and whirling; crashing against my skull.

I am determined to make 2018 the year of my recovery. The year i learn to “ride the wave”. The year i stick to writing blog posts and uploading on my channel. I’ve had to take some time out of university so i now have more time to focus on getting better and doing what makes me happy.

I was at gylly beach today and whilst soaking up the sounds of waves i love so much, i started to think of my goals. I’ve learnt over the years the key is to set achievable goals. Planning to go to the gym everyday is not achievable for me when some days i struggle to get out of bed!

So here are my 10 achievable goals for 2018..

1. Leave the house everyday 


2.  learn to cook


3. Fill my journal


4. read 20 books


5. Find a Yoga class


6. complete EMDR therapy


7. Take my medication everyday


8. Be a better friend 


9. learn to Ollie on my skateboard


10. write a blog post or upload a vlog at least once a week.


What are you goals for this new year?







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