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I can’t seem to read one book at a time, I’m so inpatient and as soon as i get my hands on one I want to start it right away. This means i start ALL THE BOOKS and take my sweet time finishing one. When i was younger I read extremely quickly. I remember reading noughts and crosses in an afternoon. I’d give a book my full attention and fully immerse myself in the stories. When i wasn’t reading, I would be thinking about what was going to happen next. I’d even look at my surroundings and picture the characters in my world. Nowadays reading is a lot harder I’m easily distracted. I just don’t have the same innocent drive and determination i once had but I am trying to remember what my old psychiatrist said when i would complain about medication taking away my concentration.

 “the brain is a muscle you need to gradually exercise and rebuild”

So i’m taking the pressure off myself to read in the “right” way and just picking up a book and reading a little bit everyday. I like to mix up a bit and swap between poetry, fiction and non fiction depending on what mood i’m in.

This January I’ve been reading..

  The Sun and her flowers 

by Rupi Kaur


A collection of poems about growth,  femininity and healing.


by Yrsa daley-ward


A collection of  raw autobiographic poems about love, race, relationships and vulnerability.

 An unquiet Mind

by Kay Redfield Jamison

A memoir exploring the struggles of bipolar disorder and treatment. From Jamison’s angle as both a patient and a mental health professional.

 The Girls

by Emma cline


A novel set in 1960’s California focusing on a young girl who finds herself involved in a cult.


Would love to know what your currently reading and if you have any recommendations so go ahead and let me know.




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