Life and Recovery

Hello, it’s been a while since I last posted but you know what sorry not sorry! I decided to take a break from blogging, youtube and even social media the past couple of months to concentrate on EMDR therapy and recovery. Pretty much everyone knows I have been struggling with my mental health for nearly a decade, Bipolar disorder and complex PTSD have shaped my life in so many ways and it hasnt been easy but for the first time in forever i feel like i  can say I am okay, I am in control, I am recovering and i believe it.  I just had my last session of EMDR this week and I feel so free. It honestly  has done wonders. The therapy has helped me process traumatic memories and put the past behind me. I am now ready to fully live my life in the “real” world and online. If you would like me to do a full post dedicated to emdr therapy and what its all about i will happily. I have grown so much as a person this year and were only a quarter of the way through, i’m excited to see what the rest of 2018 has in store.

I thought i would share with you a snapshot of the past couple of months well the highlights anyway.

Photos work as great evidence as to why i need to stay in recovery they help me hold on to memories that keep me going and remind me its not so bad. whether its things like amazing food and views or seeing people you love with a smile on there face.

I was lucky enough to see two inspiring women sing there hearts out ( Jorja smith and Mahalia) in my hometown oxford with my sister.

My mum came to stay with my dog luna and we took her to the beach. She blends in with the sand bless her :’)

I got to be there for my boys aka bando sound first event. seeing them all gassed up and happy doing shit they love was a highlight.

It snowed in falmouth for the first time in years so obviously we started throwing are selves down hills on decks. It was a lotta fun.

Im so grateful for these times and will never take anything for granted. If your reading this and struggling right now i would definitely recommend trying to count all the positive things in your life. Hold on to those good moments however small or big and keep going.



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