My monthly intake: What i’ve been reading and watching

Hello again, so i’m starting a new monthly series on this blog, where i share what blogs, articles and books i’ve been reading and what tv shows, youtubers and films I’ve been watching. If your stuck in a rut and want some new content in your life, then i’m hoping these posts will help you discover something different.


At the beginning of august I decided to take part in booktube a thon (A week long read a thon organised by book youtubers). I had seven days to read seven books, i guess i cant help but love the extremes. It was a hard challenge and my reading pace is a lot slower than it used to be but i managed to read three out of the seven books i had picked from my to be read pile.

The psychopath test by Jon Ronson

This has to be one of my favourite psychology books i have read this year. journalist Jon Ronson explores the concept of psychopathy and the world of psychiatry through several interviews, from suspected psychopaths in high power to those diagnosed and locked up in broad moor as well as psychiatrists and psychologists there is a great range of views. I loved his writing style which  had me laughing and thinking about some controversial/sensitive topics in  a different way. I found his exploration into how the media helps portray psychopaths and mental illness intriguing.

Wide sargasso sea by jean rhys

After finding my copy of Jane eyre and watching the 2011 film, I was reminded of this book. “A feminist, anti colonial response to Jane eyre”. I loved this book as it explored the life and back story of bertha who we never really get to understand or see her point of view in Jane eyre. It starts with her childhood in Jamaica as a creole heiress and progresses on to her marriage with an Englishman ( you know who if you’ve read Jane eyre) I liked how it explored racism, the power dynamics between men and women and the struggles with identity. As she is not  considered Jamaican or European.

The tales of beedle the bard by jk rowling

I do love a bit of harry potter and this beautiful little book of short stories which is referred to in the last book in jk rowling’s famous series, harry potter and the deathly hallows. This is a perfect little read if you wanna get lost in what is a very nostalgic world for many.

I also have a few articles /blog posts for you to check out..



I have enjoyed re watching some of my favourite tv series from the very beginning this month instead of watching anything new, I find it relaxing as i know whats coming up next.

orange is the new black

Gossip Girl

Peaky Blinders


I’ve also loved watching some youtube

the secret life of jeffree star

Patricia Bright


So there you have it my august intake!



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