Returning to University

Summers almost over and with September fast approaching, for me and many others this means returning to university. I unfortunately had to take a break from my studies this year due to my mental health, I just wanted to take the time out to focus on recovery and therapy. So I will be going back into second year next month.

I’m extremely nervous as I will no longer know everyone on my course. Studying fashion marketing, there is a lot of group work so i just hope there are people i can get on with. If your just starting university or returning after a break, we just all have to go into it with a positive mindset, Its a chance to have a fresh start!

I’m excited to get fully stuck in and make the most of the course. In my first year there was so much going on with living independently for the first time, partying and making friends. Now i am settled and ready to work.

It’s important to bare in mind that its going to be a shock at first if you’ve had a break from assignments and deadlines. The pressure can be intense but it will get easier the longer you stick at it.

I was worried at my “old” age of 22 that i was somehow failing at life and university as on social media i’ve been watching a lot of my friends and people my age graduating, getting jobs and achieving. But i need to remember to not compare myself to others and slow and steady wins the race anyway! It’s never to late to achieve.



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