Starting my fitness journey

Hello again its been a while since i’ve sat down to write one of these posts, I’ve been busy settling into a new home, finishing therapy and most recently I decided I was going to finally commit to getting fit. So I thought I would share with you the beginning of my fitness journey and what i’m doing to get in shape.

I have struggled with my weight and body image for years, I’ve always been on the chubbier side ever since i hit puberty! I naturally have a bigger belly, bum and boobs then a lot of people I know. I was mainly okay with being a bit bigger up un till i was 16 when my mental health deteriorated, a combination of medication and being stuck in hospital unable to exercise caused me to gain 3 stone in 3 months. I was heartbroken and ironically found comfort in overeating.

Since then i have yo-yoed up and down in size. fluctuating between the extremes of starving myself and binging, unable to find the balance i need. Enough is enough and i’m ready to loose this weight the healthy sustainable way.

First step – Food..

I have started tracking my food intake. I use an app called Lifesum which is a calorie counter app with specialised diet plans and recipes. Its easy to use and i can simply scan or search foods and find out more information about what i’m putting in my body. It gives you daily tips and motivation as well as rating your choice of foods depending on what diet plan you are on. I also have future plans to slowly reduce the amount of meat i eat and go back to more of a plant based diet. Drinking more water is also on the to do list.

Second step – Exercise

I have started making simple changes such as walking instead of getting in the car as well as big changes like actually going to the gym. I’m attempting to go five times a week whether thats for a Zumba class or an hour session with weights/cardio. I’ve been lucky to find a local gym that is friendly and welcoming and full of non judgemental people. Having a Fitbit (a fitness tracker you wear like a watch) has also been helpful i track my steps and sleep and can see how many calories I burn in a day and how much of the day  i was active.

Third step – Healthy mind

I think it is just as important to remember to look after your mind. Because how can you enjoy a healthy body/ being fit if you’ve sacrificed your sanity. To keep track of my moods i have been using the app moodnotes. as well as apps such as calm and headspace for daily mindfulness/ meditation exercises.

I’m determined now more than ever to make a change and plan to continue sharing my   my experiences, progress and other fitness related stuff on here and on my new fitness instagram a_fruity_booty !

If you have any tips for me on my my journey or know someone i could follow for inspiration please let me know.




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