Transitional Season – Wishlist

Hi everyone i’m back with another post, so soon i know 😉 I realised since updating my blog i haven’t made a single style post, which is bad considering i was a fashion student. So today i’m going to share with you a few things i have been lusting over in the style department. If your looking for inspiration for this transitional period, i think you might share my love for some of these pieces. I’ve recently given away a lot of my clothes as i wanted a fresh start and i would highly recommend this as doing a clear out/sort through felt like i was getting rid of baggage both physically and mentally. When it comes to fashion I now prefer quality over quantity, gone are the Primark haul days i’m afraid.

So in this edit there are a few speny pieces as well as more affordable ones too so something for everyone whether your treating yourself or on a tight budget.


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