About Me

Hi my names Erin, I’m an 23 year old creative currently living in Cornwall. I started my YouTube channel now known as Erin Louise back in January 2012 at the age of 15 I was an avid fashion magazine hoarder/street style enthusiast with bedroom walls covered in inspiration collages. Running out of room i decided it was time to share my passions with the world.  What started as just talking to a few strangers on my webcam turned into a big part of my life with now over 13,000 subscribers. I know i am lucky to have my voice heard and decided to add this blog Mix and matching into the mix.

 As well as fashion and the odd hair/beauty post I like my eclectic taste in music, Art and literature to feature along with some wellbeing/mental health advice and opinions on life. I’m always honest and hope to spread positivity and encourage anyone who comes across my content that you should indulge in your passions and focus on your wellbeing.

Battling with my own mental illnesses ( bipolar + CPTSD) I’m also determined to try fight the stigma surrounding mental illness.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunities over the years to interact with fellow fashion lovers, work with exciting brands reviewing products and create online content for other channels such as Grazia magazine’s Fashtag. My journey has just begun and fingers crossed its heading somewhere so please join me.